Reprisal Continues In Waterhouse With Killing Of One

Reprisal continues in Waterhouse: A resident of Unity Lane in the Waterhouse community was killed early this morning and his pregnant girlfriend shot multiple times.

Police believe this  killings related to the drive-by shooting that happened within the community some weeks ago resulting in six residents being injured.

Waterhouse is a ghost town, people are locked in and many were afraid to speak to the CVM Live team out of fear.

Thirty-year-old Damian Anderson was killed and his 24-year old girlfriend, who is seven months pregnant, Neisha Plumber was shot multiple times early on Tuesday morning. Neisha’s five-year-old daughter was sleeping with the adults at the time of the shooting however, she was not harmed.

Residents allege that though the shootings escalated when a minor was killed on lyrics corner this was not the root of the reprisal.

The origin of it was said to have started with a domestic dispute.

It is alleged that men Anderson has an influence on within the area were the ones involved in the drive-by. The death of Anderson has however left the community in fear.

CVM Live‘s Paige Dixon reports: