Craft Vendors in Downtown Kingston are appealing to the Urban Development Corporation to make repairs to the roof at the craft market. According to them, there is an issue  with flooding whenever it rains and it appears that the UDC is delaying its response to the matter.

Many of the vendors who spoke on condition of anonymity stated that they are affected by the waters. The Downtown Craft Market is known to be one of the largest in the parish of Kingston and has both local and international customers.

Craft Vendors say they rely on tourists to make purchases as this is a part of their income.

In 2017, a fire destroyed approximately 18 shops at the Kingston Craft Market. At the time, representatives from the Urban Development Corporation met with the vendors to assure them that there would be swift clean up action.

Meetings were also held with other organisations to discuss further plans. Though the affected areas were refurbished and the market eventually reopened, the vendors want the roof at the front to be completed.

They say it is difficult for customers to enter the facility whenever it rains.

At the time of this publication, CVM LIVE was yet to receive a response from the Urban Development Corporation.