Renal Patients Received Tokens From PARCU

Some Portlanders who suffer from kidney disease received tokens to assist them with their health care needs. The Port Antonio Renal Unit Committee (PARCU) hosted an Appreciation Day, which saw individuals coming out to learn more about the organization and how they could possibly grow and assist more renal patients.

Executive member of PARUC and Health Care Professional, Nurse Marjorie Ming says since the inception of the organization in 2018, the aim has been to spread awareness about kidney disease and to help those who suffer from it.

She says the appreciation ceremony stands as a means of transparency for PARUC and a deliberate invitation to the public to get involved. 

However, she says the organization could use some help to further its motives of providing better health care.  She says the organization would mostly benefit from financial and expert help some patients who were in attendance shared their personal experiences, while showing appreciation for the tokens and the establishment of PARUC, and expressed how expensive and challenging dialysis treatment can be. Watch the report:

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