Remains of Woman and Child Found in St Ann

An investigation is now underway after a mother and her daughter perished in a fire in Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay, St Ann on Sunday morning. Reports are that the woman was at home with her child when the landlord observed smoke coming from her apartment and tried to burst open the door without success. 

The victims have been identified as 26-year-old Shellion Hamilton and 7-year-old Gabriella Lambert. We do caution, some of the details may be disturbing. Investigators combed through the ashes of a burnt-out section of a house in Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay St Ann on Monday morning. The charred remains of 26-year Shellion Hamilton and her seven-year-old daughter Gabriella Lambert were found

Reports are about 10:45 Sunday morning Hamilton was at home with her child when smoke was observed coming from her apartment. The landlady says she was alarmed while attending church service that her house was on fire, but later witnessed the horrifying ordeal when she arrived home. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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