Religious Leaders Urging Perpetrators To Desist From Killing

Religious leaders in Spanish Town, St. Catherine are urging the culprits of crime in the town to put down their weapons. This comes after a series of murders were reported in the town over the past few weeks.

The latest murder took place on Wednesday, October 14 and involved a female. 

Reports from the Spanish Town Police are that, at about 6:30 p.m, the body of the unidentified woman was found inside the kitchen of a house on March Pen Road. The deceased was lying in a pool of blood. The Police were summoned and the body processed and removed to the morgue pending a postmortem examination.

Prior to the incident, there were two other murders in the town. Each almost a day apart.

Deputy Superintendent of Police and Operations Officer for the St. Catherine North Police Division, Paul Bernard while commenting on the first two murders, said there was no tension in the area and as such, no need to fear

But religious leaders do not take comfort in those words. they assert that they will not sit back and watch the mayhem in the town. 

On Thursday, October 15, the Pastor responsible for organizing the 10,000 Men March in Spanish Town, Bishop Rohan Edwards sent a stern warning to the perpetrators. 

“I’m tired of burying you gun men, I’m tired of you killing innocent people. It’s time for you to stop your madness,” Edwards stated.

Pastor of Heritage Independent Baptist Church and Vice Chairman of the Spanish Town Ministers Fraternal, Paul Mason says only the church can bring about the change that is needed. 

“We are going to stand between the living and the dead and we’re not going to allow the gunmen to over run this city again… we are standing together and we are expecting God to intervene,” Mason added.

Meanwhile, Bishop Edwards is making a special request to the perpetrators. 

“We’ve had several persons in our churches right across Jamaica who have exchanged their guns for bibles. We have several of these men who used to be pushing guns but they have stopped now…we can exchange your gun for bibles,” he said.

CVM LIVE’s Aladden Love reports: