Relatives Raise Concerns About Kingston Public Hospital Care

Several videos have been making the rounds on social media, coupled with captioned allegations by a young woman who is claiming her father is being mistreated at the Kingston Public Hospital. KPH is again facing allegations of mistreatment and neglect, as twenty-three year old Cattianna Moriah seeks answers for her father’s course of treatment. 

Moriah says her father, Clive Moriah was admitted to the hospital on December 20, where she says he was being treated for heart failure but was later informed it was actually an issue with his kidneys. 

She alleges the doctor who performed Mr. Moriah’s operation was voicing his frustration while operating on him. Speaking with CVM Live on Friday, Chief Executive Officer of the hospital Dr. Natalie Whylie says she was recently informed of the issue and has already started to address it. 

However, during the meeting Moriah says she was told the hospital is understaffed and over the required capacity. She says one doctor present apologized but said doctors are also human.