Recycling Partners Of Jamaica Has Plan For Greener Jamaica

With a goal of 800- million bottles yearly, the Recycling Partners of Jamaica have alluded to a mechanism that will collect and treat plastic bottles island wide. Chairman of the Recycling Partners of Jamaica Limited, Dr. Damien King spoke of a collaborative effort among the private and public sector that will bring forth a greener environment. 

He was speaking at the handing over of a box truck valued at approximately $7 million by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo).

To add, he says Jamaicans are now more cognizant of the importance of taking care of the environment. He adds that a coalition will be formed to meet a set target for the recollection of plastic bottles.

Additionally, he says the launch of the recycling campaign will not only be beneficial to the environment but will create a future where Jamaicans can be proud of their contribution in making the island a healthy environment.

Meanwhile, Minister of Urban Renewal, Environment and Climate Change, Pearnel Charles Jr. says he supports the initiative of the Recycling Partners of Jamaica and stands with all major parties involved.

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