Recent Heavy Rains Revealed Flaws in Jamaica’s Water Supply

Revealed flaws in Jamaica’s water supply – The recent heavy rainfall has led to increased supply in catchment areas. However, it has also resulted in blocked intakes, high levels of turbidity, and dislocated pipelines, disrupting water supply in several parishes, mostly the Eastern ones.  

Among the affected parishes are St. Andrew, St Catherine, St. Thomas, and Clarendon. Corporate Public Relations Manager at the National Water Commission (NWC) Andrew Canon says when the island experiences persistent heavy rainfall it is inevitable that systems will be adversely affected.

Another resident tells CVM Live that the water supply to the area is usually consistent. Andrew canon says some blocked intake is also affecting water supply operations at the constant spring treatment plant in St Andrew which serves most of the corporate area. 

He says the NWC has started the restoration process for a number of areas. The Ferry and Molynes Booster has been restored which serve the corporate area. The Charles town system which serves Portland is being restored. 

Meanwhile, he’s making a serious appeal to citizens. Aladden Love was on location, she gives us the details.