As there are concerns for lack of internet connectivity for some students, Ready Communications Limited is making additional provisions for students to better enable them as they engage in their studies. The gap in the digital divide has been a longstanding issue since schools had to divert to the virtual classroom in 2020. As the school new school term began on September 6, there are even more calls for proper internet connectivity.

CEO of Ready Communications Limited Chris Dehring says this academic year is a continuation of the 24 our E-learning platform launched in 2020. He notes television is a cheaper and more accessible route to assist students in their learning.

Studies have shown the gap in access to telecommunication has significantly impacted the growth in the education sector, with direct linkages to socio-economic standing. Policy reforms have been enacted, with specific intent to bridge the gaping divide, including the technological relationship between Ready TV and the government.

In navigating the new academic year, Dehring adds the aim is to distribute the to channels across multiple platforms, which he notes the cable operators cover approximately 250-thousand households. He says there is also a major focus on rural communities. The technology needed to support remote learning continues to be one of the pressing issues.

In the meantime, Head of Public Relations at Digicel Elon Parkinson says as Jamaica’s primary provider of high-speed internet that supports e-learning, e-commerce, and remote working opportunities, this responsibility is taken seriously. We reached out to the other major telecom provider FLOW, who indicated they are not available to provide a comment at the moment.

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