In a recent announcement by Opposition Leader Mark Golding, the unveiling of the new-look Shadow Cabinet has stirred discussions among PNP supporters nationwide. CVM TV spoke with leadership consultant Dr. Canute Thompson for an evaluation of the selections.

The Shadow Cabinet, now organized into four thematic groupings—Transparent & Accountable Governance, Sustainable Economic Development, Infrastructure & Human Amenities, and Social Cohesion & Empowerment—assigns key responsibilities to prominent figures. Senator Peter Bunting oversees Citizen Security & Productivity, Senator Damion Crawford focuses on Education & Community Development, while Patricia Sutherland manages Social Transformation & Social Protection.

Dr. Thompson acknowledges the Cabinet’s strengths but suggests that some choices in certain clusters may not fully align with the talents and skill sets of the members. He emphasizes two underappreciated areas that, in his view, require additional support within the new lineup.


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