The recent death of a one-year-old toddler in St. Elizabeth, who was left in her father’s vehicle, has sent shock waves throughout the country.

CVM Live’s Javine Mclean explores the legalities surrounding negligence, and reactions from some stakeholder groups. The death of the one-year-old in St. Elizabeth has been met with mixed emotions. The child who should have been at a daycare facility was unfortunately forgotten by her father, Detective Sergeant Sheldon Dobson, who reported left the child in his vehicle. 

The matter is under investigation; however CVM Live spoke with Attorney-At-Law Bert Samuels to understand how the court will likely treat the Sergeant. The attorney notes in this particular case, the Director of Public Prosecutions will be the one to determine the court’s ruling. Meantime, CVM Live also sought reactions from the National Parenting Support Commission where members have also been saddened by the incident.