The question of who invited the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is among the lists of concerns being raised as investigations into the unprecedented fraud at Stocks and Securities Limited, (SSL) continue. Minister of Finance Dr. Nigel Clarke announced the FBI’s involvement. However, former FBI Agent Wilfred Rattigan says he anticipated the announcement to come from, more suitable ministers. So why was it not so? With very little understanding of what exactly the FBI has been called in to do, Rattigan says they can only be guided by the government to an extent.

Noting, with his 30 years of experience the FBI will follow the investigations to the most logical conclusion and they will follow the money. As Rattigan says if it can be proven that funds were wire transferred and used a US Swiss banking system, then the FBI has immediate jurisdiction to investigate those transfers, to see if they were ill-gotten gains.

Rattigan notes the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) does not have some of the technical elements the FBI is armed with, as he highlights the agency’s specialty in white-collar crimes. Rattigan says the FBI’s involvement will come at no expense to Jamaica’s taxpayers.

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Reporter: Nasika Alliman