Rains Lashed Ocho Rios Causing Flooding

Rains lashed Ocho Rios, St. Ann on the morning of Friday, November 20, causing major flooding in the capital.

Vehicles collided, motorists had to be rerouted and business places closed off for hours. As the country continues to rake up the charges due to the active Atlantic hurricane season, Councillor for the division Michael Belnavis is the latest on the long list of political representatives who are calling on the Government to urgently remove the debris to prevent any further flooding.

According to the Meteorological Service of Jamaica, weather conditions remain unstable following the passage of tropical cyclone Iota.  However, it is forecast to rain over the weekend.

And for those who have lost their houses, belongings, livelihood and loved ones, they are counting down for the end of November 30, following what is being described as the most active Atlantic hurricane season.

CVM LIVE‘s Jamaila Maitland reports: