Ongoing Efforts to Clear Blocked Roads in Portland Amidst Adverse Weather Conditions

In response to persistent rains causing land slippage along cliff faces, a concerted effort is underway to clear roadways in Portland. Teams are actively engaged in various affected areas, addressing challenges exacerbated by adverse weather conditions. Key affected areas include Churchill Corner to Muir Park Road, where a section has broken away, and the road from Windsor to Moore Town is grappling with heavy siltation. The corridor through Breastworks Community remains flooded, while landslides are impacting the road through Black Hill, leading to single-lane traffic. Additionally, flooding is affecting the road through Hope Bay in the Hermitage area.

The National Works Agency reports that these challenges are a result of accelerated land slippage, necessitating urgent attention to restore normalcy. Notably, the Churchill Corner to Muir Park Road is a critical link facing considerable disruption. Residents, including Marlene Kissoon from Stanton District, are feeling the direct impact of these road issues. The urgency of the situation is underscored by the need for immediate action to alleviate the difficulties faced by the community. As the race to clear the roadways intensifies, the weather update offers little respite, indicating continued challenges for the affected areas.


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