Quadruple Murder in Havannah Heights Clarendon

Quadruple Murder – A pall of gloom, hangs over the Havannah Heights community in Clarendon, following a quadruple murder on Sunday morning. The police have stepped up their presence in the community which has recently experienced an increase in violence.

Shortly after midnight Saturday, gunshots rang out in Havana Heights Clarendon, unsettling residents, many of whom were deep in slumber. The aftermath of the gunshots has left four dead two sisters, a nephew, and a boyfriend of one of the sisters. Residents say children were present in the house however, the perpetrators were said to have removed the children before executing the adults.

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Area 3, Michael Smith says Havannah Heights has seen a flare-up in violence forcing an increase in military presence. Police say they believe this incident is gang-related. News circulating in the community say the murders are believed to be reprisal. However, the motive behind the killings is still unknown.

The police extended their condolences to the families and friends who have lost their loved ones in the heinous act and that they will be working overtime to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.

In the meantime, Euphrel Purcel, Councilor for the York Town Division says he is asking anyone with information to cooperate with the police.