Since the sinkhole on Bronx Street or Puss Gully in St. Catherine was cleaned 6 years ago no further maintenance work has been done there. This has resulted in severe flooding and significant road damage that the Linstead Councillor Herbert Garriques there is eager to fix.

Cars passing through Puss Gully, St. Catherine otherwise called Bronx Street; jerk violently as they pass over potholes created by water damage .excess water flowing from the main town of Linstead into the road caused flooding so badly, a family had to relocate to higher ground. A solution in the form of sinkhole repairs, to prevent the excess flooding is pending. Garriques noted that he had called the Linstead Mayor, to do another deep cleaning of the sinkhole and restore the road way to give the residents some relief. He is grateful for a commitment from the mayor of Linstead, that the puss gully sinkhole will be repaired.

Councillor Herbert Garriques also announced road work will be done to Bronx Street to allow water to run into the sinkhole easier by raising one side of the road to make water runoff easier. The Councillor says all the resources are in place but the rain is posing a challenge. The sinkhole was last cleaned in 2014.

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