Public Hospitals Only Accepting Emergency Cases

The Health Ministry announced on Friday, August 27, that only emergency care services will be prioritized across all public hospitals. This decision comes after it is reported that health facilities exceeded their COVID-19 isolation capacities. The island’s public health sector has been long burdened by rising COVID-19 infections since the third wave.

Public Hospitals continues to register increases in confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19 infections that required hospitalization. This has caused the facilities to exceed their COVID-19 isolation capacity.

Some are however concerned as to how would this decision impact other people with non-COVID-19 related matters. According to Chief Medical Officer in the Health Ministry, Dr. Jacqueline Bisasor-Mckenzie, based on the condition of the person, they will be triaged.

Dr. Bisasor-Mckenzie adds that this is also a way to reduce congestion. The Chief Medical Officer described the bleak circumstances. She says persons tend to flood the emergency department and so the Ministry hopes that this notification will deter persons who come in for medical issues that are not necessarily an emergency. She also notes that the preservation of oxygen is crucial at this time, as the health sector is at a critical point and if further stressed may face a challenge with oxygen provision.

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