Psychiatrist Weighs in On Lone Protest

Psychiatrist Dr Sapphire Longmore seems the only expert who could cut a deal with the suspended firefighter who decided to end his promised, one-day protest. The Senator says she would sit with him and draft documents if that is what he wants.

However, she used the opportunity to not only address his concerns but to appeal to those who are feeling mentally exhausted while urging greater security to avoid a third incident of this kind. An extreme measure to be heard is how one can describe what transpired. The dissatisfied firefighter promised to stay atop the over 120 square foot building, if necessary, just before Senator Sapphire Longmore along with others negotiated with him. Dr. Longmore, a trained psychiatrist says she understands there is an increase in stress globally, however, they are seeking mechanisms to address these concerns, citing that this is not one of the solutions. Dr. Longmore is urging other individuals to find suitable ways of voicing their concerns. Watch the report:

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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