PSOJ urges public to trust vaccination process: In an aim to accelerate the procurement and administration of COVID-19 vaccines across the country, the Government in February signed a memorandum of understanding with Private Sector stakeholders.

The initial reaction to this deal was that Private Sector workers would be vaccinated before the priority groups. However, President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, Keith Duncan is again refuting the notion.

Additionally, Duncan is urging the public to trust the vaccination process. He says Private Sector workers are in no way seeking to derail the programme.

Duncan adds that this agreement between the sector and the Government allows for monetary contributions to be made to bolster the Government’s efforts and to support the safe and full reopening of the country’s economy.

He says the process of sourcing and procuring vaccines is very uncertain, as seen in the delays the island’s currently experiencing.

Also, Duncan is expressing confidence in the Vaccination Distribution Plan.