PSOJ Calls For Transparency

Amid the scandal surrounding Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL), President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ), Metry Seaga tells Cvm Live the PSOJ recommends the government takes the necessary steps swiftly in addressing the matter at the financial institution.  He notes a thorough analysis must be done to provide some clarity to the public.

Additionally, the PSOJ boss suggests the government does a deep dive into finding any glaring deficiencies in the regulations of the authorities at the SSL. 

This he says may restore the public’s eroded trust in financial bodies. With the consistent trend of persons falling victim to fraud by financial institutions in recent years, we asked the PSOJ President says this will reflect negatively on an international scale. When asked about the penalties that should be faced, he is leaving the law to take its course.

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Reporter: Javine Mclean