Probe Underway Following Police Soldier Fight

An altercation between a police constable and a Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier resulted in a high-level meeting on Monday between senior members of the Jamaica Defence Force and the Constabulary Force. The incident under investigation erupted at a JDF checkpoint in Kingston. Caught on camera but only a snippet of what allegedly went down.

Reports are that the incident unfolded on Sunday at around 8 pm at a Jamaica Defence force checkpoint in the vicinity of Hannah Street, Kingston. It is understood the soldiers received reports of a possible drive-by in the area and effected a vehicular checkpoint operation at which time the alleged policeman leaving his shift at a neighbouring Zone of the Special Operation was ordered to stop but allegedly refused. 

The soldiers say the policeman alighted his vehicle and attempted to remove the barriers at which time an argument ensued which rapidly became physical. It’s understood threats were being hurled among them choice words expressed and threats about had the policeman been armed at the time.

Residents say the policeman was hit several times in the chest which according to his report filed after the incident left him in pain.

The matter deescalated after another batch of Jamaica Constabulary Force personnel was summoned. Both the JCF and the JDF have taken steps to investigate the matter and have held meetings with the divisional head to have the matter resolved. The police indicate that they maintain cordial bonds with the soldiers with whom they continue to work in carrying out joint security operations. It is not yet clear the outcomes of the meeting held Monday on the incident. 

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