As the Government aims to control the spread of COVID-19 and reach herd immunity, with the Private Sector Vaccine Initiative, (PSVI) the private sector has also been on board in ensuring various companies across the island get their employees fully vaccinated.

The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, (PSOJ) was in full gear earlier this week in alignment with the Government’s vaccine drive initiative. The PSOJ has been conducting drives for companies across the island through their Private Sector Vaccination Initiative, (PSVI).

Telecommunication company FLOW, was also on board with the PSOJ at the Pegasus Hotel earlier this week. Executive Director at the PSOJ, Imega Breese McNab, says the vaccine take-up has been tremendous and is encouraging other un-vaccinated people to get vaccinated.

She says with the rising cases and deaths, individuals in the private sector have taken greater initiative. A few individuals say though they were skeptical the current state of the health sector prompted their decision.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, September 2, the PSOJ joined forces for the second time with the Sagicor Group in facilitating persons to get vaccinated. The Private Sector Vaccination Initiative will continue across the island, to boost the island’s vaccination numbers.

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