Principals: Pathways Program Needs more Structure

Concerns are rising regarding the 6th form Pathways Program which is slated to begin in 2022. One education stakeholder says while the intentions of the Education Ministry are to provide opportunities for students, the Ministry needs to provide a more detailed structure for the mandatory program.

Speaking with CVM Live Tuesday, November 16 President of the Jamaica Principals Association of Secondary Schools, Linvern Wright says while he is in full support of the Education Ministry’s 6th form Pathways Program, many factors should be taken into consideration. Wright noted that the Association see the need for students to be educated, however he added that the necessary work to ensure that the additional two years are implemented properly has not been done.

Wright also sought to outline the challenges, which may present problems in the execution of the program, and noted that issues with spaces, personnel, finance and technological resources that are need to for the programme to be successful are still of major concern. He says this as he notes that there is already an existing shortage in the 5-year programme. He is suggesting that the Ministry approaches this initiative on a phased bases.

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