Prime Minister Urges Skills Training for Labour Shortage 

Amid another wave of skilled-worker migration, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is re-emphasizing the need for non-conventional education and training, adding there is a labour shortage. Holness says the approach must be to provide education and training based on society’s demands.

Speaking at the St. John Bosco Vocational Center in Hatfield, Manchester recently, Prime Minister Holness says there are opportunities available, however, there are not enough people with the requisite skills to assume those opportunities.  Holness says the emphasis must be shifted from conventional education and training, and should instead be aligned to the industries that are growing. 

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister says although not much can be done to prevent migration among professionals, Jamaica must make use of any opportunity to provide training for both locals and foreign workers.  Holness says by training people in the areas needed for society to progress, the local demand can be satisfied, and subsequently provide others with the opportunity to work abroad. He says the latter provides a greater opportunity to strengthen the diaspora. 

Reporter: Velonique Bowen

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