Prime Minister Takes Flak for Tears over Crime

After Prime Minister Andrew Holness broke down at the upsurge in violent crimes in Jamaica, he came under fire from critics on social media describing his speech as mere theatrics. Some went as far as declaring they were unconvinced by his tears. Mr. Holness was speaking at the National Day of Prayer at Power of Faith Ministries in Portmore, St. Catherine on Wednesday.

There’s measured ambivalence, to the Prime Minister’s teary eyed presentation. The general reaction has been one of indifference, being described in the media as emotional manipulation. While on social media, some have described it as a political ploy. One social commentator has joined the conversation.

General Secretary of the Jamaica Association for Local Government Officers Helene Davis-Whyte says the remarks made by the people seemingly represent a lack of trust in the government.

Davis-Whyte suggests the government must do more to gain the trust of the people. Meanwhile, Opposition Senator, Damion Crawford on his social media quipped “I’m betting $5000 he cries again and another $5000 that it’s aided by an onion in the handkerchief.”