Prime Minister: New Ruthven Apartments to Be Built

Following public outrage in 2021 over the prices for the National Housing Trust’s (NHT) Ruthven Towers, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that phase two of the project is underway. Phase two is expected to have 234 units, a sizable step closer to attaining the government’s mandate of building 70,000 houses for low-income earners. Prime Minister Holness on Wednesday says after the public outcry, they decided to dismiss the plan to build the other phases. However, they reconsidered. 

The Prime Minister insists the prices of the Ruthven Apartments were targeting those who could afford them.  He sought to clarify common misconceptions about the Ruthven Apartments, noting that NHT’s resources were not exhausted to build the apartments. 

Holness says NHT has so far handed over, more than 1-thousand houses of its 43-thousand commitment to the government. He lauds the organization for playing a significant role in providing housing solutions for Jamaicans. Watch the report:

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