Prime Minister: “Jamaica Must Embrace Digital System”

“If we don’t embrace the digital revolution, Jamaica will be left behind” that’s according to Prime Minister Andrew Holness on a tour of a National Identification System (NIDS) Centre, Tuesday, January 4, 2022. The Prime Minister says it’s imperative for the government to have a structured and efficient identification system to properly document Jamaicans.

Prime Minister Holness toured a NIDS Card Center for the first time, following the passage of the NIDS bill in Parliament. The PM says this piece of technology is the way of the future and that Jamaica will ultimately be left behind if the country doesn’t assimilate to the digital society. He says the system is designed to be inclusive of all Jamaicans.

Mr. Holness sought to add financial institutions are on board and are eager to be part of the digital transformation. He also notes that it’s in the best interest of the government for a structured identification system regarding public funds. In the meantime, he also addressed concerns surrounding privacy.