Prime Minister Holness Calls for Digital Inclusion in Rwanda

Speaking at the Business Leaders’ Round Table in Kigali, Rwanda, Prime Minister Holness urged the commonwealth to use technology to uplift the developing states and improve the commonwealth. Mr Holness during his address told commonwealth heads of government on Wednesday to act now to minimize a new kind of poverty in the digital age- knowledge poverty. 

He says much can be attained if the commonwealth ensures inclusion for all its members in the fourth revolution. Mr Holness says digital technologies also provide attractive alternatives for men and boys left out of the formal education system and drawn to anti-social behaviours.

The theme of the event, bridging the digital divide resonated with many leaders whose people likewise have been challenged with accessing the internet for work and school during the COVID-19 pandemic. He says the technology and research available must be used to minimize the risks of natural disasters to members especially those faced with constant hurricane threats in the Caribbean. Watch the report:

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