Prime Minister Andrew Holness faced a mix of support and discontent during his recent visit to Jamaica’s second city. In the wake of his intensified local tours, tensions arose on Monday when irate residents confronted him in downtown Montego Bay.While Holness had previously outlined plans for the restoration of the historic Musgrave Market in Portland, the reception in Montego Bay was marked by vocal dissatisfaction. In a video that has since gone viral, citizens voiced concerns about rising food prices, calling for improved security, community development, and better wages.

The Prime Minister, accompanied by key Jamaica Labour Party figures including General Secretary Dr. Horace Chang, Deputy Party Leader Desmond McKenzie, Cabinet Minister and former Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte, and Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett, continued his visit by inspecting crucial infrastructure projects in St. James on Tuesday. The Charles and Shoe Markets, along with the Montego Bay Bypass, were among the areas reviewed. There is speculation that this latest tour is part of broader campaign efforts leading up to the upcoming local government elections in February. Despite the tensions, Holness engaged with locals, addressing both collective and individual concerns. In a notable moment, the Prime Minister offered assistance to an amputee through the government’s new Prosthetics Program. While grateful, the man expressed hope for a government prioritizing Jamaican citizens. The visit sheds light on the diverse range of opinions and issues facing the nation, emphasizing the need for responsive governance.
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