Jamaicans residing locally are being encouraged to cooperate with the census takers and stand among the counted in the upcoming population and housing census. Assuring that citizen’s data will be protected Prime Minister Andrew Holness insists the census data will be crucial in guiding policies.

A tradition of over 178 years Prime Minister Holness says the population and housing census is critical for the Jamaican civilization if more effective policies are to be had. He says Jamaicans need not fear the government activity but rather play their part and stand to be counted. 

Holness admits the census gathering and data protection though vastly advanced with the use of tablets this time around will be highly protected. He notes although the census reference day will be September 12 the data collection process will run from that date to December. 

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke says approximately 2.4 billion dollars will be expended for the decennial activity. Watch the report below:

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