Pregnant Woman Shot and Killed In Downtown, Kingston

Investigations are ongoing into the fatal shooting of a 26-year-old pregnant woman in Downtown, Kingston on Monday; heightened police presence at the space since the attack could be seen. Videos circulating on social media show the lifeless body of now identified Shantiva Griffiths. According to police reports, she was walking along the North Parade area on Orange street when she was pounced upon by a lone gunman who shot her in the head.

CVM LIVE understands that the man was traveling on foot. After he shot Griffiths, he allegedly made his escape on Heywood Street. The incident, which played out at the intersection of Heywood and Orange Streets, drew scores of onlookers, many openly weeping at the sight of the brutality. 

One alleged eyewitness who was along Orange Street recalls the ordeal; Shantiva was a Manager at a prominent wholesale. The motive behind her killing is yet to be ascertained.

When our news team visited the area on Tuesday, it was business as usual, the hustle-bustle of Downtown Kingston. We contacted the Central Kingston police who informed us that more police officers have been deployed to various sections of Downtown Kingston.

Since the beginning of the yuletide season, there has been an uptick in crime and violence.

The police are currently investigating the matter.