The island’s primary disaster management entity has officially declared the island free from any tsunami threat following the recent earthquake. This reassuring information was among several updates shared during an afternoon media briefing by the Deputy Director General. As a collective sigh of relief sweeps across the nation, there have been no reported fatalities or major injuries thus far, and Jamaica is now confirmed to be in the clear regarding the potential tsunami danger.

The Director General of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) provided an overview during the press conference, revealing that over nine parishes have reported damage to their infrastructure. He took the opportunity to remind Jamaicans of the importance of adhering to basic earthquake drills and safety protocols. Moreover, he underscored some essential precautionary measures, such as avoiding elevators and refraining from using matches immediately after a quake, particularly for those residing in buildings with gas lines, unless proper safety checks have been carried out.

Jamaicans were also cautioned against making prank calls to emergency lines, with the hope that Tuesday will see a return to a sense of normalcy. Prime Minister Andrew Holness emphasized that the government is committed to providing the necessary resources, with education being of paramount importance, despite the prevalence of misinformation circulating in the aftermath of the earthquake. Prime Minister Holness further assured the nation that Jamaica has a well-developed disaster response mechanism in place to handle such situations. Watch the report:

Reporter:  Kimberly Henry.