The controversy surrounding the proposed elevation of Portmore to Jamaica’s 15th parish is deepening, sparking a heated political debate. The opposition, in a recent letter, criticized the government, labeling its actions as selfish and partisan. Opposition Leader Mark Golding strongly condemned the move, accusing the ruling JLP of being narrow-minded and self-serving. Critics argue that the government’s push to upgrade Portmore’s status is a strategic move to gain political control of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation. Dr. Canute Thompson, a University of the West Indies professor and political commentator, joins dissenting voices in condemning the government’s motives as both selfish and dishonorable.

Despite the growing opposition, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) remains united on the Portmore front. During a constituency conference in East Central St. Catherine, MP Dr. Andrew Wheatley expressed confidence that Portmore would become a parish before the upcoming local government elections in February. Recent tensions between Prime Minister Andrew Holness and St. Catherine Southern MP Fitz Jackson further highlight the disagreements. Jackson contends that the proposed plan would disenfranchise parts of his constituency, a claim Holness dismisses as political. As the debate intensifies, Professor Thompson suggests that both sides may be guilty of similar tactics. Our news team reached out to Information Minister Robert Morgan for a comment, but he declined to provide one.


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