Murders and shootings in the Portmore community, Bridgeport are on the rise, Councillor for the area Kenord Grant wants the police to do more to eradicate crime in the space. He is urging the police to use the available technology to aid their investigations.

For the past year there has been a sharp increase in murders in the Bridgeport area of Portmore, St. Catherine. Councillor, Kenord Grant is calling for urgent intervention to bring about calm to an area struggling from the direct consequences of escalating crime and violence.

He identified Gibson Road as a specific enclave, where the violence is rife. He is calling for the installation of functional CCTV cameras in the Portmore community. He noted that though a CCTV camera is erected at the intersection of Jermaine Avenue and Portsmouth Avenue, it has not been helpful in giving the police substantial evidence and information.

In the last municipal meeting on Wednesday, November 18, the Senior Superintendent of Police Christopher Phillips said he is planning strategies to use intelligence operatives to manage crime in the area.

Councillor Grant welcomes this effort, he says a complete resolution must be made to restore the peace of mind of residents.

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