St. Catherine South Division Among Top Five in Serious Crimes for 2023

In the midst of rapid growth and development in Portmore, the second-largest urban area in St. Catherine and Jamaica’s proposed fifteenth parish, concerns arise over escalating crime rates. St. Catherine South Division, encompassing Portmore, is identified among the top five police divisions with the highest incidence of serious crimes in 2023. The expanding urban landscape of Portmore, marked by ongoing construction of residences and businesses, accentuates the need for an intensified security force presence. Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips, Head of the St. Catherine South Division Police, acknowledges the challenges posed by Portmore’s density, emphasizing the strain on the force’s resources.

Despite a slight decrease in murders, from 115 in 2022 to 103 in 2023, Superintendent Phillips commends his team for their diligent efforts amid adversities. A prominent clergyman in Portmore echoes the commendation for the police force but expresses concern that the declining crime trend could be disrupted without addressing the force’s needs.Bishop Alvin Bailey emphasizes that the battle against crime is a collective effort, pledging support from himself and his congregants. As Portmore grapples with its evolving landscape, the call for increased efforts and resource allocation from the Jamaica Constabulary Force becomes imperative.


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