Portland Students Respond To CXC Results

Portland students react: CSEC and CAPE results are out and some students are blaming the COVID-19 pandemic for their unfavorable results.

The students say ahead of the new academic year, they want the Government to ensure that students have greater access to the internet and digital devices to prevent them from being left behind in their studies.

Some students from Portland say their exam results are not what they expected. And the common deterrent was a lack of access to reliable internet and computer devices. One student, Ayada Lewis says she is not pleased with her results and is hoping to resit some of them in the next sitting. Another student, Nordonia Allen,  says mental distress was one of her obstacles as she continued learning outside of the classroom.

The Ministry of Education announced that there will be no face to face classes when the new academic year begins on October 5. But Nordonia believes the Government should put additional measures in place to have some students back in the classroom.

CVM LIVE’s Christeen Forbes reports: