Portland Residents Urged To “Mask Up Before You Talk Up”

It has been over ten (10) months since the onset of COVID-19 in Jamaica, and citizens are still being urged to take personal responsibility by wearing a mask and to further limit exposure to the virus by observing all health protocols.

The ‘Mask Up Before You Talk Up’ campaign by the Ministry of Health and Wellness was promoted in the parish of Portland recently. 

A sanctioned government demonstration, bringing the message to the people of Portland; Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Christopher Tufton and his team along with Member of Parliament Ann-Marie Vaz, walked the streets of Port Antonio on Thursday, issuing masks and hand sanitizers while sensitizing the residents about covid-19.

And despite months of appeal, people were still seen in the busy commercial area without masks…

The parish of Portland has so far recorded 342 positive cases of the virus…

Vaz implored her constituents to observe the existing health protocols, reminding them that the virus is still a threat.