Residents of Cooper’s Hill in Portland are frustrated about the bad road conditions in their community. They say the current state of the roads has been in that manner for a period and is challenging to those who live in the area. According to them, motorists are refusing to drive along the route because of the condition. 

Nearby lies the Coopers Hill Infant and Primary School. The teachers say they have to charted vehicles to carry them to school. However, this is costly. The other alternatives are to travel by Bike or wait on the Acting Principal to be at school on time.

They say it is an issue because students’ learning will be affected. Most evenings teachers have to be hurrying to leave, simply to get some mode of transportation to travel out of the community.

Their call is for the matter to be addressed.

However, the Member of Parliament for the area, Daryl Vaz says work is being done. He says there has been an intervention in the community. According to him, residents have been provided with cement and other materials to fix the roads. He, however, notes that this is short term and it will cost an estimated $150 million Jamaican dollars for the road renovation project.