Portland Residents Demand Better Living Conditions

No tranquility for residents of Tranquil Heights in Port Antonio, Portland. No access to running water, no street lights, and bad roads are among the residents’ complaints about the estate. The residents are calling on the authorities for assistance, as it is becoming financially untenable. 

They told Cvm Live they were promised development, by their former Member of Parliament Sam Lawerence, before he died. The property was handed over to his daughter, which some residents say they have not her seen since 2016.

Residents say it takes approximately $20,000 per month to fill tanks that run out rapidly draining their savings. They say coupled with this financial strain is the hassle through the rocky, pitch black roads that now have residents fearing for their lives. When CVM Live contacted Mrs. Williams she failed to comment.

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Reporter: Javine Mclean