The Portland police have made another major drug bust after a raid done by the unit discovered drugs valued at an estimated 6.5 million dollars. This raid marks the fourth major seizure in the parish as the third one was carried out over two weeks ago. A team of police personnel from the Portland police division conducted a targeted raid on Thursday, October 7, along the beach in Boston District Portland.

During the raid, this 28ft twin-engine fiber boat and the general area were searched. According to Deputy Superintendent of police in charge of operations for the Portland police Throyville Haughton, the drug bust found 13 large garbage bags were found that contained 93 parcels of Ganja.

DSP Haughton notes that this seizure would mark the fourth in the parish as the police carried out a raid a little over two weeks ago. He says it was possible the drugs were to be exchanged for guns.

Investigations are ongoing and the police are dedicated to the location and arrest of the perpetrators. In the meantime, the police are warning drug dealers and other criminals that the Portland division is not a safe place to conduct illegal activities as their intelligence machinery and road policing activities are in place to intercept unlawful efforts.

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