The Portland Police are working hard to resolve a number of issues in the parish, including road fatalities.

Acting Superintendent of Police in charge of Portland , DSP Beresford Williams says, a drive to tighten traffic management in the town of Port Antonio is just one of several measures underway to restore public order.

Fatal road accidents in Portland have surpassed last year’s overall number of five (5). 

To date, seven (7) road fatalities have been recorded compared to four (4) last year during the same period. 

That’s according to the Acting Superintendent of Police in charge of the parish, DSP Beresford Williams. 

He says the police are embarking on traffic management drives to reduce the number of road fatalities. 

Among the other issues DSP Beresford Williams addresses are the citizen’s concerns with lawless bike men, especially at nights. 

He says the concerns are noted and partnership, particularly with the island traffic authority (ITA) is needed.

DSP Williams says a few operations have been carried out but they aren’t enough, as such discussions are in progress to intensify these operations.