Portland Police Bent on Dismantling Guns-For-Drugs Trade

The Portland police report a breakthrough in the month of September, strengthening their fight to dismantle the guns for drugs trade in the parish. Among the cases, thirty-one (31) knitted bags and five buckets containing Granja weighing over 1, 500 pounds were reportedly found in a room of a house where a raid was carried out. 38-year-old fisherman, Rayon Thomas of Manchioneal who occupied the dwelling was subsequently arrested and charged. When he appeared in the Portland Parish Court on February 18, Thomas was ordered to pay a fine of $15,000 or three months at hard labour for possession of Ganja and a fine of 3 million dollars or 6 months for taking steps/ preparation to export Ganja. He faces 10 months and two weeks at hard labour to run concurrently, however failure to pay the fine will see the period of imprisonment running consecutively.

Head of Operations, Portland Police Division, DSP Velonique Campbell says there has been a reduction in serious and violent crimes as well since the start of the year and an increased police presence on the roads has been effecting changes. More details in this report: