Portland Parish Court Staff Fed Up With Humid Conditions

Workers at the Portland Parish Court in Bryan’s Bay halted operations on Tuesday, July 20, to protest what they describe as years of working under humid conditions.

Now it’s the summer season, and the heat coupled with a lack of proper ventilation has made their working environment even more unbearable.

Attorney- at- Law Cecile Black says, the situation is unfair as the dress code makes the conditions difficult to work in.

But she says as uncomfortable as the situation is for Attorneys, the court staff has it much worse, adding that they are expected to perform optimally.

The attorney says provisions were made for the Circuit Court in June; therefore, the same can be done now.

On Wednesday, July 21, one source said the Portland Parish Court received instructions for operations to end at 12:30 pm and staff to be sent home by 1.

Additionally, the source said there seemed to be a temporary fix as AC units in two courtrooms were working.

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