Portland Gets Electronic Vehicle Charging Station

On Wednesday the people of Portland were granted access to the parish’s first electronic vehicle charging station. Stakeholders at the launch said this is integral for sustainable development in the nation’s fight against global warming. 

Jamaica appears poised for an industrial revolution, a move that is expected to shape the future of the service industry, as the Jamaica Public Service and TOTAL Energies introduced Portland’s very first electronic vehicle charging station on Wednesday. 

The giant leap, long-anticipated initiative is welcomed by all.

Member of Parliament for Portland eastern, Ann-Marie Vaz says this initiative will prepare Jamaica for the future of electric vehicles. With the expansion of the electric vehicle sector globally, the government earlier indicated its intent to play a major part in reducing carbon footprint.

MP for Portland Western, Daryl Vaz says they are committed to building a modern, sustainable and diversified energy sector. Minister Vaz, while lauding this latest move, says a Town Center Development Plan is in the making.