Portland Fishermen Faced With Depleting Catch Rate

Portland Fishermen faced with depleting catch rate amidst high pollution –Fishermen at the prospect fishing beach in Portland lament that the recent heavy rains have affected their catch. According to them, the downpour has resulted in an excess of waste materials, which have sent many of the fishes swimming a great distance into the deep.

They add that a lack of proper equipment puts them at a disadvantage. However,  the Alligator Head Foundation says help is on the way. 

Washed up plastic bottles and debris at the prospect fishing beach in Portland, following the recent heavy rains.

This fisherman, Collin tells CVM Live that the debris has sent the bigger fishes far into the deep. Another fisherman says he isn’t catching as much as he used to. As a result, Collin believes stricter measures need to be put in place for polluters. 

Chief operating officer of the alligator Head Foundation Machel Donegan says the number of fishermen at the beach also poses a challenge.