Dancehall entertainer Popcaan and his lawyer Bert Samuels will be filing a defamation lawsuit against the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) over drug-related allegations. The attorney on Thursday demanded a retraction and apology from the JCF by midday. He says the filing should have taken place on the same day but electricity issues at the Supreme Court caused delays. Samuels says he will be hosting a press conference regarding the matter at 10 am on Friday.

The entertainer was delayed at Heathrow Airport in London on Tuesday as he faced over three hours of interrogation by immigration. This made it the 10th time, according to his attorney who claims the Jamaican state has placed a red flag against Sutherland’s name. However, the JCF has refuted the claim.

In a statement on Wednesday, it said the artiste was convicted in Barbados in 2009 for possession of marijuana and subsequently deported to Jamaica. It added that in 2011, he was again arrested in Barbados for possession of cocaine. 

The JCF says arising from those arrests and other intelligence gathered, a green notice was generated by Interpol in relation to him in 2015. The notice was reportedly reconfirmed by Interpol in 2018. But Samuels asserts that Sutherland has never been arrested for the possession of cocaine in Barbados or any other country. 

As for the possession of marijuana. In a tweet on Wednesday, Information Minister Robert Morgan advised that Prime Minister Andrew Holness has spoken to the Minister of National Security and the Commissioner of Police to review the artiste’s situation with a view to help facilitate his ease of travel as an entertainer. 

CVM LIVE contacted the head of the JCF’s Corporate Communications Unit, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay on Thursday regarding the imminent lawsuit but she declined to comment. 

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