In an exclusive interview with CVM News, dancehall entertainer Popcaan broke his silence following a 6,000-dollar fine for infractions related to his conduct at last month’s Unruly Fest. The St. Thomas Parish Courtyard witnessed an unusually high police presence during Popcaan’s appearance, leading to legal repercussions. Popcaan expressed to CVM News that a more respectful engagement from law enforcement might have elicited a different response from him. Despite legal challenges arising from his conduct at the Unruly Fest, Popcaan remains committed to improving St. Thomas and the lives of its residents.

Charged with various offenses, including breaches of the Noise Abatement Act, threats, abusive language, indecent language, and disorderly conduct, Popcaan pleaded guilty to all charges except one. His attorney, Matthew Hyatt, revealed that the judge, considering Popcaan’s contributions to the parish and his guilty pleas, granted a 25 percent discount on the fines. Consequently, Popcaan is required to pay a total of six thousand dollars. Hyatt emphasized the need for designated venues and guidelines for dancehall events in Jamaica. He argued that such measures would prevent entertainers like Popcaan from encountering legal predicaments. Popcaan’s retort to law enforcement during the Unruly Fest was explained as a reaction to the manner of approach. Following his court hearing, Popcaan was spotted in Bamboo River in the parish, with further details promised in tomorrow’s update.

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