Members of the political parties JLP and PNP are making preparations for the Local Government Elections, which are expected to be called soon. Candidates in St. Catherine North are battling for support to assume power in the parish, starting with a tour led by Opposition Mark Golding, followed by a conference held by the JLP.

JLP Member of Parliament, Newton Amos is making bold claims against the PNP saying that the representatives are not pulling their weight in the area.

A confident-looking Mark Golding toured through sections of Northern St. Catherine on Sunday in a bid to secure the confidence of the people. Holding the key to the Bog Walk division, the Opposition leader, hopes that the PNP will secure the division in the upcoming Local Government election. He insists that the party is fit and ready to serve the people.

Jamaica Labour Party caretaker for St. Catherine Northwestern Newton Amos says the presence of Golding was spurred on by the dissatisfaction with the representation by current Member of Parliament Hugh Graham.

Amos delivered a litany of issues with Graham, saying that nothing has been done around St. Catherine, including lack of infrastructural development, no road works, and failure to regulate garbage pickup. Both political parties are confident that they will win the parish.

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