Political Analyst on rebuilding the People’s National Party  (PNP) – Peter Bunting for Party Leader and  Mark Golding or Phillip Paulwell for Leader of Opposition. Every decision made within the People’s National Party (PNP) in the coming weeks will be critical to its future. Having suffered a severe beating in the 2020 General Election, if the party is to be a viable option, the way forward must include re-branding, re-organizing, and regaining the trust of the electorate.
According to Political Commentator, Helene Davis-Whyte this is not beyond the party.

An effective Opposition is imperative for Jamaican citizens to benefit from the PNP’s contribution. Also, Davis-Whyte believes that two separate individuals can hold the positions of Opposition Leader and Party Leader.
For Party Leader, Peter Bunting is being recommended while the Leader of Opposition, Davis-Whyte suggests Phillip Paulwell or Mark Golding. As it relates to a Shadow Cabinet, Davis-Whyte notes that there are 5 major portfolio responsibilities that the Opposition must fill effectively, amid the pandemic.

Davis-Whyte says the agriculture portfolio could go to either of the newcomers, Hugh Graham or Lothan Cousins while more youthful Senate appointments should be put into play.

Rebuilding the People’s National Party; More details in this report: