The conflict between two policemen in a viral video showing a heated confrontation between two men, both identifying themselves as police officers, has left the public asking several questions. The bust-up appears to have started after an Inspector allegedly pulled his firearm on a police sergeant.

The video shows the policemen in a standoff, over an alleged traffic violation, which could have escalated into a deadly end, as the man who identified himself as Inspector Taylor, could be seen clutching his holstered gun.

CVM Live subsequently learned that the alleged offending officer is Sergeant Martin, attached to the marine division. The inspector could be heard, repeatedly asking for his identification.

In the video, Sergeant Martin is alleging he was assaulted by Inspector Taylor, who also pulled his gun, in a threatening manner, which according to Martin, triggered great anxiety.

All this time, the unusual spat between both lawmen was playing out before curious onlookers and created a traffic jam. The incident has resuscitated discussion around police professionalism and training and how it would have played out if the alleged offending officer was a civilian.

CVM Live contacted Senior Superintendent of police, in charge of the Corporate Communications Unit at the Jamaica Constabulary Force, (JCF) Stephanie Lindsay, who says the matter is being investigated and a decision will be arrived at soon. 

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